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Synopsis (--start | --stop | --status | --env)

Description is a tool to manage running status of a punchplatform host. A punchplatform system consists of several hosts, each running one or several services such as kafka, storm, elasticsearch brokers, zookeeper servers, monitoring servers etc.

by default, in the example standalone deployment, (i.e. in the default configuration provided when setting up \'standalone\' distribution) all these services are configured to run on the local host. lets you start, stop or check the status of the one or several services associated to a single node. In that sense, it is a local command.


  • --env:

    • Dump the punchplatform node environment.
  • --start:

    • Start all the punchplatform services configured to run on this host. Depending on the file, starting a punchplatform host results in starting Storm, Kafka,Zookeeper, Kibana or Elasticsearch processes. Note that no storm topologies are started.
  • --stop:

    • Stop all the punchplatform services configured to run on this host. Depending on the file, stopping a punchplatform host results in stopping Storm, Kafka, Zookeeper, Kibana or Elasticsearch processes. You should rarely use this command and only rely on channelctl to start or stop channels.
  • --status:

    • Show the status or punchplatform services running on the current hosts.


The utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


The following required environment variables affect the execution of


    • The PunchPlatform_CONFDIR must point to the directory holding the file.
  • PATH:

    • The bin directory of you punchplatform standalone setup must be included in your system path. First encountered version will prevail.


    • This json file defines the punchplatform settings. It is used by primarily to know what to start, stop or query on this host.

See also

environment, platformctl, channelctl or online documentation in punchplatform setup "doc" directory.