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Before You Start

The Getting Started guides leverage the Punchplatform Standalone. Make sure you get the latest one from our download area.

In minutes you will be able to run Big Data pipelines. The Punchplatform Standalone is very useful to develop and test Big Data pipelines before going on a production platform.

Trial version

You cannot use the Standalone for a production platform.

Only the Punchplatform Deployer makes it possible to deploy Punchplatform components on multiple serves.

The Punchplatform team will provide production support only on versions installed using the official deployment packages.

Mandatory requirements for Standalone

Resources :

  • 12GB of RAM (more may be required depending on your Big Data pipelines)
  • 30 GB of storage

Operating System :

Java :

  • Java OpenJdk 8 version > 8u252

Python :

  • Python 3.6.8 (Follow this guide if Python 3.6.8 is not available from your package manager.)

Others :

Installation command


Install the Standalone as a non-root user.

cd punch-standalone-x.y.z

This unarchives and configures all Punchplatform COTS (Kafka, Storm, Elasticsearch, Spark etc...). All Punchplatform COTS, binaries and configuration files will be installed under this directory, nowhere else on your machine.


When a prompt ask you to patch your environment, if you answer "yes", it will add a few lines at the end of your ~/.bashrc (on Linux/Debian/Centos) or ~/.bash_profile (on MacOS) to update your path variable. If you don't want to impact your environment, just say no.

To setup your Punch environment :

source ./

Start Standalone --start

Check if your standalone version is running properly: --status

Get a summary of your standalone UI urls: --summary