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Troubleshooting Timelion

Why do that

Timelion, pronounced , brings together totally independent data sources into a single interface, driven by a simple, one-line expression language combining data retrieval, time series combination and transformation, plus visualization. Every Timelion expression starts with a data source function. For example .elasticsearch() (or .es() for short).

What to do

Permission denied

Punchplatform provides a multi tenant configuration by implementing a security component placed between kibana and elasticsearch. This component allows a kibana to access to authorized indices.

Regular error:



Update the index pattern from * to <tenant_name>-events-*


Count null

Timelion is based on timestamp. Often, the data use a custom timestamp like rep.ts, obs.ts or simply ts whereas timelion uses @timestamp by default.


.es(index=online-mytenant-events-*, timefield=ts)