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Administration Training Module


The ADM Training module aims at convering administration/operation/troubleshooting tools.

As pipelines malfunction/performance issues can also be encountered in production, this module presents investigation and applications scalability/tuning basics.

Before You Start

Welcome to the Administration, daily operation and platform troubleshooting training module.

This training requires that you are familiar with the concepts, components and general configuration of the punchplatform, through previously working through the High Level introduction Training module to Punch features, components and concepts

Additional understanding of the working and/or monitoring of business processing punchlines is needed, that can be obtained through either of the following training modules :

To practice the presented tools and commands requires that you have access to some deployed test platform (like the Punchbox project) or have access to a training platform to be able to run commands on test application and clustered environment.

Covered topics / learning tracks

This training module is made of several tracks, better followed in sequence: