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books features is currently alpha status.


the bookctl command line tool is used to launch punch books, the punch concept for defining rich dag-defined orchestration of several batch applications.

In contrast to channel, books define an ordering between punchlines, and will schedule them in the specific order that is defined. These punchlines are ephemeral, i.e. they start run and terminate.

Books are used for example to orchestrate an extraction service, or a data replay service that require the execution of several batch application:

  1. extract data from elasticsearch to Kafka
  2. read Kafka and process the data then push it back to Kafka
  3. read again kafka then forward the data to an external sink



Like all the punch client tools, documentation is available online, either in an interactive mode or by simply typing:

bookctl -h

bookctl status --help

In addition, you can also refer to the manual page:

man bookctl


The bookctl is similar to the channelctl command but operates on books rather than on channels.

bookctl start --book aBook

In contrast to channel a book is a foreground application that will run for a while, until all its applications have been submitted. That means you will not get your prompt back until all the book application are terminated.


Use the statusand describe commands; similarly than the channelctlÒ equivalent commands.