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DPP Module


The DPP punch training module covers the deployment, platform configuration, patching & upgrading procedure

Before You Start

Welcome to the Deployment, patching, upgrading training module.

This training requires that you are familiar with the concepts, components and general configuration of the punchplatform, through previously working through:

Running the steps of this by yourself training requires that you have downloaded a punchplatform deployer archive and that you have set up a test environment for running the different steps (like the Punchbox project) or have access to a training platform to be able to connect to all the servers to better understand deployment environment, prerequisites and deployed structure.


The Punchbox resources can simplify your discovery of the deployment procedure (generating example configuration files, and matching example target servers). You can instead proceed with manual setup of servers (at least one 'deployer' and a 'target", prerequisites and deployment configuration preparing.

Covered topics / learning tracks

Learning to deploy Punch means working through the following topics:

  • Understanding the overall deployment process ( what you need to prepare, the infrastructure prerequisites, and the deployment procedure)

  • Understanding the various runtime parts of the Platform configuration you need to prepare, and how they are imported/used after framework deployment.

  • Understanding the Patching process that may be needed for efficient response to incidents that can imply software component emergency fixing, ,and how you can leverage the deployment ansible inventory by product for efficient distributed operations during incident or maintenance phases.

  • Understanding the basics of Upgrade process, because deployment is not a "one time" story.