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HOWTO hold an apt package

Why do that

When you install a Punchplatform you may install a Ceph cluster. Until Avishai 3.2.X version, Ceph is installed from a standard repository, using APT tool.

To avoid uncontrolled upgrade of Ceph when command is called, it 's a good practice to this package, i.e to prevent its upgrade.

This HowTo can be used to hold a package in a Debian-like system.

!!! note "Since Brad 4.X version, Ceph is automatically held during its deployment, it has not to be manually held."


  • You must have a root access on Ceph nodes (data, monitor and administration) machines.

What to do

On all Ceph machines (data, monitor and administration nodes, which usually are PP administration nodes), run following commands:

  1. First, list all ceph packages and direct dependencies:

    $ dpkg -l |grep rados
    $ dpkg -l |grep rbd
    $ dpkg -l |grep rgw
    $ dpkg -l |grep ceph
  2. Next, hold all found packages. For example:

    $ sudo apt-mark hold python-rbd
    $ sudo apt-mark hold ceph-common
    $ ...

Congrats. Now these packages will not be upgraded during next system upgrade.