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HOWTO contact punchplatform level 3 support

Why do that

If you encounter a critical issue that entails a customer service interruption, you will have to react quickly. The normal process is the following:

  • level 1 support eliminates false positive, confirm and fix the issue if possible

  • level 2 support performs system investigation, check behaviour of the platform, collect error logs, reproduce the error

  • level 3 support confirm the bug. A fix is provided shortly. Level 3 support also check for your platform consistency, and provides helps dealing with major incident.

To efficiently escalate a ticket, make sure you refer to the procedure described next.

What to do

Follow theses steps before raising a level 3 alert:

Perform an system investigation:

Often, a system is composed by several sub systems: collectors (LTR), DC, log management (LMC), alert and rule engine (SIEM). If an alert is sent because there is no logs in a subsystem, you have to check first at what level.


Answer this question : what subsystem failed ?

Check the monitoring of the selected subsystem:

Check the monitoring supervisor (for instance Nagios), check the storage partition (full partition, read only partition), check the load average, check the network rules.

Check the platform health

Kibana dedicated to monitoring (GREEN, YELLOW, RED) Storm UI (check if fails)

If you see RED status or fails, follow the corresponding documented procedure(s)

  • Get logs,
  • Take screenshots
  • Take configuration if necessary
  • Copy on USB disk or email

Contact support level 3

  • Make sure to precisely list: Perimeter, customer impacted, version of the punchplatform
  • Explain the error source (never start explaining from the end of the investigation)
  • Add any useful resources put in place during the level 1 and 2 investigations
  • Briefly summarize the investigation steps