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Punch Generic Dashboards

The Punchplatform comes with off-the-shelf dashboards to easily monitor your platform.

Have a look at Monitoring guide for a peek at things you may want to monitor (through standard or custom Dashboards)

Here is a list of standard dashboards that you can import in your monitoring Kibana instance. They are available as resources in the standalone and deployer package.

Please refer to each dashboard documentation page for standard resource file identification and dashboard name for finding the dashboard inside Kibana.

Punch Platform health monitoring dashboards

Punchplatform application metrics monitoring dashboards

Archive monitoring

This dashboard permits you to monitor archiving process and stats about it

Kibana Dashboard: Archive monitoring

Spark monitoring

This dashboard permits you to monitor all Spark jobs status, plan workflow and system consumption on your platform

Kibana Dashboard: Spark monitoring

EPS monitoring

This dashboard permits you to monitor your Storm pipelines and check EPS (Event Per Second), Fail rate and processing time of the global pipeline . These metrics are aggregated by tenant, channel, storm topology and component (Storm Spout/Storm Bolt).

Kibana Dashboard: EPS monitoring