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Object storage operation tips

Public Ceph Documentation

The latest official documentation for ceph is available at

Useful Commands


The commands listed below can be run only from the platform operator accounts; from the administration servers. The ceph nodes themselves are not configured to operate the ceph cluster.


In this chapter, we assume the target ceph cluster is named main. Checkout out your file to determine the name of yours.

Checking the cluster status

ceph health --cluster main

Checking cluster used/free space

ceph df --cluster main

This will output:

  • the global summed-up free/used storage space of all the cluster data nodes
  • for each pool, the used space and the remaining storage space. Remember that if you activated erasure coding on a pool, the user data stored in the cluster will be smaller than the used storage space.

List data pools

ceph osd pool ls --cluster main